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Preis der Stadt Wörgl 2017

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Liviu Holender receives the "Preis der Stadt Wörgl 2017" from mayor Hedi Wechner. The award is given to outstanding singers at the Academia Vocalis in Wörgl, Austria. The Academia Vocalis organizes different masterclasses throughout the year. Liviu participated in the masterclass with professor Karlheinz Hanser.

What is Academia Vocalis?

Since its initiation 33 years ago, several music lovers came together to realize a musical dream. The idea was to found an academy to assist young vocal students on their quest for musical education and fulfillment.

A unique quality of the seminars the Academia Vocalis offers lies in the fact that they are supervised by internationally renowned musical personalities. Names like the amicable Prof. Dr. Erik Werba or the unforgettable opera divas KS Prof. Sylvia Geszty, KS Giulietta Simionato, Prof. Fedora Barbieri, KS Prof. Dr. hc Christa Ludwig, KS Prof. Mirella Freni, Prof. Kurt Widmer, KS Prof. Francisco Araiza, KS Brigitte Fassbaender, KS Grace Bumbry, KS Helen Donath or KS Anna Tomowa-Sintow.

To know more about Academia Vocalis, click here.


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